On a dreary Sunday afternoon back in September 2015, I found myself standing on the scales in my local pharmacy.  This was so far outside my comfort zone, but my scales at home were no good to me now, as they said “ERROR” every time I tiptoed onto them.  Like a poker player, I grabbed the printout and immediately hid it, only I knew it wasn’t my trump card.  When I eventually plucked up the courage to look, it revealed that I weighed 24st 10lbs.  I balked in the knowledge that I was on the precipice of weighing 25st,  350lbs, 160kg.  The same as your average sofa.  Ironic, as the sofa was where I spent most of my time.

I tucked the piece of paper into my purse and repeated the mantra I knew all too well: “you need to do something about your weight.”  There are so many people out there silently repeating this sentence over and over, waiting for Monday morning when they can “draw a line” or “start afresh”.

For me, my fresh start didn’t come until January 5th, 2016, when I crossed the threshold of my local Slimming World group.  To this day, I have no idea what finally pushed me to take that step.  Perhaps it was the knowledge that I was now in my 30s, and that the health problems I had been fortunate enough to avoid so far were now sure to start snapping at my chubby heels.  Diabetes, heart disease, cancer..?  Strangely, it wasn’t the fact that I was wearing size 28 clothes, or that I couldn’t climb the stairs without feeling winded.  Whatever the motivation, on that Tuesday evening (though I didn’t know it then) I made a commitment to myself that reached far beyond losing weight: that night I committed to getting my life back.

Don’t get me wrong, I was no novice to Slimming World and I had to fight so hard to ignore the negative voice in my head telling me I was bound to fail.  20-odd months later, I can categorically tell you that the voice never stops.  I’m pleased to say that the friendly faces at group and a consultant worth her weight in gold help to keep it turned down, and that I’ve now lost a total of 7st 8lbs.

This blog is going to be a record of my journey to health, and will talk not just about weight loss, but about my struggles with mental health – cheerful, eh?!  If you read something that rings true for you, please drop me a line.

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